About Us

CAI Technologies, originally named Cartographic Associates, Inc., was founded in 1985 as a municipal mapping company. Since that time, and to meet client’s growing needs, CAI Technologies has become a leader in GIS solutions, while still providing a wide spectrum of mapping services. Throughout this growth and expansion of services, the company never lost sight of the importance of providing top-quality and cost-effective services. As a direct result of that guiding principle and the commitment of the entire CAI Technologies staff, the company serves well over 300 local governments and large regional utilities.

Additionally, as an Esri Business Partner, CAI Technologies successfully and economically brings the most powerful and ubiquitous GIS technology to clients. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology and combines it with extensive local government experience, providing clients with previously unattainable solutions.

CAI Technologies recognizes the value and importance of current, accurate information. Therefore, while offering advanced technological solutions, we remain dedicated to developing high-quality, spatially-accurate data in a clear and concise manner. Our roots are in the data, further enhancing our technology.

CAI Technologies has developed extensive GIS solutions for a wide spectrum of applications, from administration and assessing, to planning and public works. Our solutions include Query Manager Online, a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) GIS platform as well as custom applications developed for specific client needs. CAI Technologies addresses our client’s challenges by constantly evaluating, enhancing, and improving customized solutions to keep pace with emerging technology. Our clients’ success is our success!

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